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8AM - 5PM | Closed on Sundays

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Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood Installation

Brand new hardwood floors can make your home feel warm and welcoming or add elegance to your business and office facilities. ModiFloors is a full service installation company offering quality hardwood floor installation across New Jersey and New York for more than a decade.

Why Choose Hardwood Floors ?


Hardwood floors are durable, long lasting and beautiful. The natural colors and patterns found in natural wood create an inviting environment for your home. Best of all, in a temperate climate like New Jersey’s, well-maintained wood floors can last your family a lifetime. Your average carpet, meanwhile, gets replaced every decade. That’s why our seasoned professionals are meticulous when installing your floors: a job done right can make your dreams of home improvement real

What Wood Does ModiFloors Use ?

With the latest industry knowledge and trends, our specialists will bring you hundreds of wood samples for you to choose from, then we will help you choose the best for your space. It’s like having a private boutique in the comfort of your own home

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For homeowners:

Red Oak is the most preferred hardwood in homes across New Jersey and New York.

For businesses:

Maple is the most durable, high-performing choice for gymnasiums, basketball courts, dance floors and other commercial applications. Because maple is harder than oak, it can stand up better in commercial use.

How Does Installation Work ?

As soon as you reach out to us, we’ll schedule a free, in-home consultation to assess your project’s needs. Our professionals work with you to find the right wood for the right space. Above all else, you’ll get a fair, transparent, and affordable estimate that doesn’t break the bank.

Call our technicians today for your free, hardwood installation quote!